Total Loss Only

Our Total Loss Only product is not comprehensive cover but serves as an affordable alternative to full motor comprehensive cover.

Accident write-off

Where the vehicle is declared uneconomical to repair due to accident.

Loss from fire damage

Where the vehicle is declared uneconomical to repair due to damage from fire.

Loss from theft & hijack

Where the vehicle is lost due to a theft or hijack.

Peace of mind

We have built this product to ensure that you are protected financially from an incident resulting in the loss of your vehicle.

What we cover

Private use
  • Social, personal and leisure purposes. Getting to and from your place of business or occupation.
  • Business use
  • Cover for private use as well as business related trips. Your car is an essential part of doing your job.

What we don't

  • Renting the vehicle to another party.
  • Taking part in racing or other speed related activities.
  • Carrying any form of explosives, weaponry or toxic substances.
  • Using the vehicle as a taxi.

Frequently asked questions

What is Total Loss Only (TLO)?

When will TLO be offered to a client?

What is the value covered by TLO?

What is the turnaround time for valid claim payout?

How do I pay my TLO premium?

Are there any other exclusions or limitations?

You're in safe hands

For insurance queries or more information about exclusions and limitations, please contact Mobalyz Risk Services on 011 069 2710. Download the SASRIA Schedule here.